Theradaptive is revolutionizing the field of therapeutic delivery with a pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class products that address an $80B global market.


Our computational platform converts recombinant proteins into material-binding variants that behave like a paint that can be used to coat implants, devices, and injectable carriers to enable long-term local delivery with no off target effects.

Every protein we generate with our method is novel composition of matter, thus creating immensely valuable IP. The modified protein can easily be applied to any carrier with the target material in a simple one-step process. 

We have made over a dozen different material binding variants of various recombinant proteins of clinical interest.



We are going after previously out-of-reach clinical indications in vascular, soft tissue, and orthopedic repair as well as targeted chemotherapeutics and have already demonstrated superiority over standard of care in all preclinical studies conducted to date, including studies at the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.

Our lead therapeutics are in the following indications:


  • Spinal Fusion               

  • Long Bone Repair                      

  • Dental & Facial Bone Repair               

  • Osteochondral Repair

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