Theradaptive at the J. P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference 2023

The 41st J. P. Morgan (JPM) Healthcare Conference arrives in San Francisco on January 9-12, marking the life science industry’s largest and most anticipated healthcare investor symposium of the year. From fast-growth technology start-ups to Fortune 100 biotechnology companies, the industry elite will compete for the investment community’s eyes and ears.

At its inception, the conference was a boutique event involving 20 companies and 200 attendees. 41 years on, it has grown to host over 600 Healthcare organizations and 3,000 investors lining the hotels, bars, and restaurants of the coastal city.

Of the trends on the agenda at the event, the advancement of protein engineering and therapeutics delivery will be one of the most exciting opportunities for investors. Despite COVID-19’s widespread effect on the industry, the regenerative medicine market is predicted to accelerate, growing at a CAGR of 16.3% over the next eight years, hitting a predicted $83.2B by 2030. An increasing number of clinical trials and sustained investment in new biologics have shown a growth in market opportunity.

Theradaptive’s scientific aim is to achieve targeted therapeutic delivery anywhere in the body, through its novel protein modification technology which allows proteins to retain their bioactive properties while allowing it to be bound to a biocompatible substrate. Its first product, OsteoAdapt, uses AMP2, a safer and more accurate modified version of the bone growth factor BMP2, a well-known commercially available therapeutic, to regenerate tissue and bone. The JPM Conference presents an opportunity to build on our standing as an established biotech innovator, following on from the $20m investment from a Series A funding round, and votes of confidence from the Maryland Stem Cell Research fund and the US Department of Defense.

The JPM Conference provides a chance to present the benefits of our technology and communicate the difference it can make to millions worldwide in front of many of the world’s top financial decision-makers and companies. Increased funding in our project will be used to scale up GMP-compliant production of our OsteoAdapt product in preparation for establishing human clinical studies, as well as continuing to meet regulatory requirements. We have already been granted three Breakthrough Medical Device designations by the FDA, and through continued support, hope to enable life-changing surgery for service members and those with degenerative extremity and spinal injuries, plugging a gap the market has yet to fill.

Looking to the future, our plan is to expand into dental repair to accelerate the introduction of our platform to a broader market, and revolutionize therapeutic delivery in the oncology industry, for a total addressable market of over $300 billion across all indications.

We look forward to meeting other biotech innovators and investors and discussing the most prescient trends in medical devices, biotech and therapeutics. Theradaptive’s CEO, Luis Alvarez PhD, and Vice President of Commercial Development, Brian Wong, will be in attendance. They would invite the opportunity to meet to discuss the potential Theradaptive’s technology has to transform lives and achieve sustained growth in the years to come.

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